Student Services

Personalised Student Services for Students Studying in Australia

More than an education agency

SLP is a full service education and student services agency with offices in Perth and Sydney, Australia. We provide a complete holistic service, assisting you with a full spectrum of needs throughout your journey in Australia. These services include: Education advice and counselling; Application and admissions assistance; Visa assistance; Student social and networking events; On arrival and local support; Advice on conditional offers

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Education advice and counselling

Our team is well positioned to provide you with the latest and most relevant study options in Australia.

We maintain up to date knowledge on universities and colleges, course options and work experience opportunities. We can advise you on entry requirements and fees for the course options most relevant to you.

If you are already studying, it’s important to note you are only allowed to change your institution if you have successfully met or completed six months of the main course of study for which your visa was granted.

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Visa assistance

We can assist you closely with your application process, provide advice and keep you updated on latest news.

We assist you with your visa application by:

1. Helping you complete the application and associated materials

2. Checking the application and associated materials before you submit it

3. Helping you extend or renew your student visa status

4. Arranging your medical check up (required for onshore students)

5. Keeping you up to date with changes to visa rules and regulations

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On Arrival and Local Support

We provide a complete holistic service, assisting you with a full spectrum of needs throughout your journey in Australia.

Arrival support package: We provide a useful information booklet about your chosen city and help you with opening a bank account. 

Airport pick up service: We can provide an airport pick up service at minimal cost. You can contact us at 

Accommodation: Accommodation options include: 

1. Renting an apartment or house 
2. Shared accommodation 
3. Homestay 
4. Temporary accommodation 

Speak to one of our education counsellors to learn more about each option. 

Local support: We provide:

1. Regular networking functions for new arrivals 

2. Regular follow ups to check on your progress 

3. Organised tours throughout the year for you and your friends 

SLP membership cards available for more benefits. 


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Advice on Conditional Offer

If you don’t fully meet the requirements of a course, you are either rejected or receive a conditional offer.

If you receive a conditional offer, you should check the conditions listed and note that you won’t be admitted into the course unless these conditions are fulfilled. These can often include achieving certain IELTS results or successfully completing a certain academic level during a study program or part of a study program.

We can provide professional advice to assist you during this process.