Job Opportunity With SLP

Are you passionate about developing your own marketing skills? Are you looking for warm and friendly working environment for your job career?

Come join SLP! We are seeking an outstanding marketing specialist to help us to continually identify the potential countries with growing demands for Australia qualifications.

Responsibilities of this job including:

  • Gathering and directing a team to conduct the necessary research to continually identify potential countries with growing demands for Australian qualifications
  • Directing the research team to monitor the shifting trends and demands for education
  • Setting sales target and ensuring that other employees are informed and aware of these targets
  • Directing the development of unique educational products which would provide an incentive for potential student clients which may offer more products for lower costs per product
  • Organising and implementing marketing and sales policies to ensure that a proper and representative branding of the company is developed so that potential student clients are aware that our agency is open to all students from all parts of the world, not simply focused on Korean international students as our previous brand implied
  • Developing, organising and implementing marketing and sales strategies would ensure that UHAN Pty Ltd is properly rebranded and that potential and even existing clients can recognize and are aware of our new brand
  • Developing policies and procedures for in house purposes to ensure company continuation despite any future departures of key sales and marketing personnel to minimize any potential negative impact on the company
  • Organising, developing and controlling various mediums for marketing and sales; such as, online marketing and sales, seminars and through other mass media coverage as required for the growth and development of the company
  • Determining and setting reasonable pricing levels and credit arrangement for the educational products the company offers
  • Training marketing and sales team about the products, pricing and purchasing requirements


  • A bachelor degree or higher qualification
Please express your interest by sending your CV to
Our staff will contact you once you are shortlisted.
SLP Human Resource 12/06/2017